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Understand Client's Idea

You goals are scrutinised via an expert team for deep understanding of the nature of the study.

Check Feasibility

Our team then analyses the engagement of resources for this research goal and their availability.

Planning the Study

The study is then put into a timeline with the whole execution plan towards collating a report or raw data.

Our Humble Journey

A simple idea can work wonders


Started exploring the prospects in Market Research Industry


Formed Statzy Market Research Pvt. Ltd. with only two employees


Expanded with a physical office and to a team of 25.


Began offering consulting and digital marketing services

Why buy from Resellers?
Irrespective of the terminology utilized, a reseller sells on behalf of the manufacturer.

In the example of market study, a reseller sells different services on behalf of a study publisher for example reports, information and predictions, subscriptions, and consulting.

What we offer services
Amazing performance
Market Research Consulting

Research advisers conduct specialised and concentrated research with respect to a customer and create reports of important findings.

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Digital Marketing

The next of any business after obtaining market insights on consumer behaviour and perception. Our sister company offers it all.

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Published Reports

A Representative breakdown of the Market: A good syndicated research ensures a representative sample of the overall market.

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Get 24/7 Research support throughout the year

Dedicated team of analysts, focusing solely on client requirements.

Research On Demand

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